Friday, October 29, 2010

A few flies for the trip

I've been at the vise over the last week filling up the boxes with steelhead flies.  I've got a few big flashy flies I've had luck with in the past like Feenstra's Halloween leeches and Aquatic Nuisances.  There are a few new flies I want to try out I found on Jeff Hubbard's site Outfitter's North like the luscious leech and trespasser.  I have confidence all this stuff will work well with higher water but if it ends up being low and clear which looks like the case this year I'll probably have to go to some smaller, less flashy stuff.  Normally my go to flies are woolly buggers in these conditions

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Preparing for Michigan Steel

Going to make the long drive out to Michigan for steelhead in November for a week.  Flew out last year for a couple of days and had a great trip so I'm heading back again this year except this time by car.  I hope to hit the Salmon or Catt in NY on the way depending on the conditions.  Would be a shame to pass those places without making a few casts if they are looking good.  Will fish the Muskegon again and spend some time on the PM too which I've never fished.

I cleaned up the bench and put away the random saltwater and bass/pike fly tying stuff that was scattered about.  I do still owe a few people some saltwater flies that I'll have to get to soon.  I did an inventory of my steelhead materials and made a list of stuff I can't live without.  Will have to make a trip to the shop to stock up.  I'm sure I have enough flies to get me through much more than a week of fishing but I can never have too many flies.  Going to give a few more traditional spey patterns a swing this year.  Last year the hot flies were variations of the aquatic nuisance.  Got to have more of them ready to go.

I need to swap over some lines and go through all the connections and make sure I have the right sink tips while trying to resist the urge to buy a new rod/reel, line, etc.  Seems like a lot to do in 2 weeks but will be just part of the fun of going on a trip.