Thursday, November 18, 2010

Steelhead flies

Whipped up some more steelhead flies this week...a few to be fished by me and a bunch more to find new homes.  Not sure when I'll get a chance to use them again.  Hopefully I'll get one more weekend before it gets too cold.  If not there is always spring.  The best thing about tying to me is to think about all the potential there is in flies.   To think about what far away place I might get to explore using them.  To think about the excitement of the pull.  To think about what memories someone else might create using them.

A few sculpins and flashy lead eyed leeches. 



  1. fine looking army you have lined up there Jeff. Am sure they will give a big can of whip ass on some unsuspecting river soon!

  2. Would love a pattern for the top flies... Look like they'd be killer in the Spring

  3. They are all variations of Kevin Feenstra patterns which can be found at
    He's a great steelhead guide and tyer.