Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Couple of favorite pike flies

Ken at Pike Adventures asked me what's been working for me for pike flies so I threw up a few pics.  These flies might seem a little fancy and fragile compared to most pike flies but I really enjoy tying them.  I love tying with natural materials like bucktail, marabou and feathers and mixing all the different colors together...oh and they usually need to have lots of mixed flash although I noticed I cut back on flash on one of these.  These guys really swim fished fast or slow.  I try to balance them so they don't immediately dive nose down on the pause and instead sit there horizontal or slowly glide downward.  For this reason I don't normally add eyes or epoxy towards the front and try to use lighter wire hooks.  Yellow perch and other combos with orange and chartreuse have worked best for me.  I can't wait to get out there and fish them.


  1. those are beauties Jeff.....I'd eat it in a heart beat thanks buddy!!!

  2. what style and size of hook are you using?? Great ties

  3. Thanks guys
    Dustin I like Gamakatsu SL12S in larger sizes and SS15 for smaller ones. I use a lot of Mustad 34007 too since I usually have some 100 boxes laying around for saltwater flies.