Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tying with the boys

I've been busy with the holidays and not doing a whole lot of flyfishing related stuff.  I've spent a little time organizing my gear and flytying stuff and tying a few pike and saltwater flies lately.  Mostly I've been spending my time teaching my boys how to tie flies and tying with them.  They have actually started to ask to do it more often and become much more interested in learning about it.  Of course they always want to try to tie the most complicated flies with rare or expensive materials that I don't have on hand so I try to convince them some of the more basic flies would be better to start with.  They really like the looks of some of my deerhair bass bugs so we compromised and tried tying one up.  We had fun and we all liked the results.  We also tied up a few steelhead type leeches that day.

Another time we got to tying a version of Jeff's road kill flies over at with a few material substitutions according to what I had on hand.  These should catch us some nice bass and panfish next summer.  Keegan also wanted to tie up a woolley bugger since his brother tied one up another day he wasn't feeling well.

I have some time off over the holidays and hope to get to some more tying and posting.  Merry Christmas!


  1. If the kids tied the ones above, I'd say they are off to a good start. The black WB looks better than the ones they sell in my local fly shop. An accomplishment to be proud of.


  2. Awesome looking flies, glad you got the kids involved in the process--better than playing computer games.

  3. Thanks guys. We'll get to tying some more flies this week.