Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter brookies

I did a little snowshoeing with Mayu on my back close to home recently.  We came across a tiny little stream where I've seen some little brookies in the past.  After carefully looking around for a while we saw 4 small brookies in one little pool.  They were a little spooky and difficult to see so I wasn't able to get any decent pics of them.  I don't know how they are able to survive the winter or even the summer for that matter in such a tiny trickle of a stream but they do.  I wonder if a few little changes to the stream to create more pools or adding some structure would help them out.  They seem to be making it on their own and I wouldn't want to do anything that would adversely affect them.


  1. Jeff
    I believe I would take some of that snow down here in Alabama, instead of all the rain we are getting. Lakes are out of their banks and the tailrace we fish for trout is overflowing. Great Pics. Thanks for sharing

  2. You would be surprised where you'll find brookies.
    Nice little stream, and from the size of it those brookies are probably full grown adults.

  3. We were fishing Silver Fork of the American Rive one day and started to hike out up a samll drainage creek. Fifty or so feet above the river we came to a small "pond" at the bottom of a drain tube. I took an 8" Rainbow from there. Moral of the story, they can be anywhere.


  4. I have lots of little streams in the area that I'm sure hold brookies that I need to explore. Maybe not the numbers that can be found in northern or western Maine but they are still there. I'm looking forward to checking more out during some of our warm, spring evenings.