Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The blackbird continues to be my favorite and most consistent night fly.  The ones left in my box from last year had rusty hooks and were starting to look pretty beat up and scraggly.  I decided to tie a few fresh ones up for myself and for some friends hoping they will have some of the same success I've had.  I added a picture to the Striper Flies page.

They look a little creepy head on.


  1. I have allot of black birds in my back yard, I wish something would eat them during the night!

  2. Jeff
    Black has always been my favorite color when it comes to fly fishing. Even a solid black popper will produce for me on top when other colors bum out. That is one killer fly you have there.

  3. Nice looking fly...that head on shot is great. It just looks like something a big brown would eat for his evening meal!!
    First time here , nice blog.

  4. If you fish at night from your friend's boat, you should tie a couple up to bring for him...