Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where did the summer go?

I slacked on updating the blog this summer.  It sure was a busy one and I ended up spending a lot of time with the family mostly camping, hiking, fishing and just playing around home.  I took a few fish pictures here and there but nothing all that exceptional.

I did more bass fishing than I have in quite a few summers.  They always seem to cooperate and come out to play when I have the time.  Went after the largemouths with deerhair poppers and chased smallmouth on the rivers.  The hot, dry summer seemed to be to their liking.  Had a close encounter with a very large smallmouth on a gurgler just five minutes from home.  In between catching little guys, a pig took the fly, dove downward taking line then came back up and exploded on the surface.  The hook pulled free once the fish splashed down.  Hard saying how big the fish was.  Just as well I didn't land it so in my mind it can be as big as I want.  I'll remember this fish as well as any this year.

The striper fishing was better than the last few years but it was hard to gauge how much better.  Fishing from shore was a struggle and after the early season just catching a couple fish seemed like a good day.  The average size of the fish was amazing although I didn't land any exceptional ones.  The lack of smaller fish was concerning.  Local anglers continue to argue about the state of the fishery but I'm betting on some dark times to come.  I kept going back to some of my favorite spots just to prove to myself that fish were still there but most of the time I was proven wrong.  I mostly attribute the better fishing this summer to the improved weather.

I didn't do much trout fishing.  The water got awfully warm and low and I wasn't able to travel to some of the areas that were less affected by the weather.  I did see someone close to home catch a legitimate 20"+ brown last night while walking along the river.  I'll be checking this spot out a little more until winter comes.

After having so much fun pike fishing this spring I wasn't sure I was going to get the chance to fish some more this year.  Lately we have been hit with the remnants of hurricanes frequently making the ocean dangerous to fish so Coops and I decided to spend a weekend chasing the pike around.  Even better I got to try out some pike flies I tied early summer that I thought would be sitting in a box unused until spring.  They fished beautifully.  We had to work for the pike but Coops ended up catching the best specimen of the season for us.
The bass fishing was pretty good too and provided some nice action both for some fattie large and smallmouths.

I'm not done for fishing for the year but have to say good bye to summer and hello to my favorite fishing season the fall.


  1. This summer the heat made it seem like summer would never end. The condition of the striper fishery is forcing me to broaden my fishing horizons. Nice pike by Coops! Thanks for the update.

  2. I'll take the heat instead of the constant rain the last couple of summers. Stripers are still my first choice locally but it doesn't take much to convince me to go for bass or pike.

  3. Its snowing outside,0'c but i'm still going to go out today as I don't have many days left before the freeze over. great report again Jeff.