Friday, December 3, 2010

Fly Tying Jamborees

I'll be doing a couple of fly tying jamborees at Eldredge Bros. Flyshop again this year.  I can't remember how long I've been doing them but it must be somewhere around 10 years.  I think I have more fun than the people in the class and look forward to doing them.  This year I'll be doing one Jan. 15 on striper flies as usual and Feb. 26 on pike and bass flies which will be a new one for me.  The most difficult part is picking out the flies that I want to tie so I'm open to suggestions in the weeks leading up to the class.  I like to tie some of my own creations or variations of other more common patterns but after 3-5 different flies for 10+ years I'm starting to run out of new ideas.

The tying schedule includes some new faces and a few all day classes.  Michael Decoteau will be tying traditional feather wing streamers and Dick Brown will be available during Vic Trodella's bonefish class signing copies of his new Bonefish Fly Patterns book.  Dave Skok will also be doing a couple of full day striper fly classes.

Tied 11 days in a row so far for at least one hour so I'm keeping up.  I haven't tied more than 2 hours in any one day so it's not really very impressive but I'm trying for consistency not to set any records.

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