Friday, February 25, 2011

Fly Tying Jamboree II

It's been a while.  I tied for a bunch of days in a row then ran into a wall over the holidays.  The first jamboree was a lot of fun.  We ended up tying only 2 striper flies, a black bird and hollow pollock.  Here's a couple pics of these flies from past posts, not the actual ones that were tied in the class.

I'm doing my second jamboree tomorrow 2/26 where the topic is bass and pike flies.  A lot of the patterns and ideas have come from other bloggers so thanks for posting your flies especially Simon at Pike Flyfishing Articles.  I'm planning on doing a version of his banger in the class.  I plan on tying more of these this winter for the upcoming season.

Fishing season is coming up quickly so I hope to more regularly post.  This year I'll be chasing stripers as usual and hitting the Saco and local lakes for bass.  Pike fishing was a learning experience last year and I want to continue it this year.  The focus will be to catch them a little more consistently and under different conditions.  The big challenge this year will be to catch a musky.  Preliminary plans are in place to chase them in Maine with a possibility of looking elsewhere depending on how successful we are close to home.  A couple of musky fly boxes are starting to fill up.

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  1. Wicked flies Jeff.Thanks for the mention as well. Good luck with the Musky hunt,I hear they are a rather tough to snag!