Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wasn't happening

Sat down to do some tying tonight.  I wanted to tie up some trolling streamers for landlocked salmon for a friend.  I started pulling out a bunch of materials from the bins and made a big pile...hooks, necks, saddles, floss, tinsel, peacock herl and various other odds and ends.  I figured I'd tie up a few grey ghosts to start out and whatever came to mind after that but it just wasn't happening...

I didn't quite have the hooks I wanted to tie on.  They were too short for the trolling streamers I had in mind.  I can be pretty picky about hooks and if I don't have just the right one for the job the fly feels doomed from the start.  Looking over some of the saddles I couldn't find any nicely shaped feathers for the size of hook I had.  I would have needed to tie on a couple sizes larger hooks to get the proportions right.  I had to tie in the feathers too far up the stem where they were thinner so of course they fought me the whole time and were very difficult to set in the right position.  It didn't get any better from there.

I ended up only tying a couple grey ghosts and a few other no name patterns before calling it quits.  I had a hard time looking at the flies after and didn't even want to think about taking pictures.  My friend should be grateful to get them anyway and I'm sure they will still catch fish.  Tomorrow I plan on putting that stuff aside and cranking out some striper and pike flies.  That should get me back into the groove.


  1. I know the feeling mate.....sometimes it's better to not even start...but we love to tie. What you tying for pike flies???

  2. yea even i fall out of the goove sometimes but usually a quick chat with ken gets me fired up , sometimes its just a case of looking at a picture and im off again .......look forward to seeing what you come up with

    tight lines fella

  3. Something with deerhair...hmmm

  4. Off to the hospital the next 2 nights for light treatment for the baby so no tying for me