Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crappie fishing

Yudi sent me an IM at work saying she wanted to take the boat out and go fishing so that's what we did. When I got home we loaded up the little boat and off we went to a nearby pond that we caught a lot of crappie, perch and pickerel icefishing this past winter. I waded in the water to launch the boat and it was surprisingly warm. I could have easily gone for a swim.

We really wanted to catch some crappie but would have been happy to catch some bass or pickerel as well. We cruised to the other end of the pond that is much less developed but as we got there the wind picked up in our direction and was blowing us around pretty good. We hooked up a couple of pickerel but they ended up cutting our line or just getting off. We decided to cruise back to the other end of the pond that was a little more sheltered and started fishing along a bank that led to a nice cove.

It didn't take long for Yudi to hook up and she landed a crappie, the first of the year, then a few casts later a white perch. I wasn't doing much until it got closer to dark and we got into the cove. At that point we really got into the crappies. They aren't big in this pond but there are plenty of them. Yudi mostly used roadrunners on a spinning rod but did catch one on a fly. We caught them every cast until dark and we called it a day. There was a bunch of mayflies and some dark caddis flying around also.

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  1. And women say size matters! I'd be happy catching those all day on the fly.