Thursday, May 13, 2010


Didn't get a chance to do much flyfishing related activities this week.  The riding mower was I borrowed a push mower and did battle with the lawn.  I haven't touched the lawn yet this year so it was 12"+ high in some places and the mower kept stalling out when it would get clogged up.  After about 2 hours I got a little more than half done.  Mowing has to be the biggest waste of time and energy.  I should have someone come hay the field or maybe I'll just burn it at some point this summer.  Also turned over the garden to get ready for planting.  I don't mind that so much since there should be some sort of productive result form it.

Over the weekend I stopped by the flyshop.  They gave me an order of flies to tie up so I'm looking forward to working on them.  I actually enjoy production tying to a certain extent.  I like the rhythm of tying the same fly.  I'll do some custom tying for people, mostly friends though.  Most of my flies go to the flyshop so you can find some of my stuff there.  It's a must to stop in to check out the shop if you are in Maine for fishing or vacation.  They can help you out for whatever type of fish you would be going for in Maine and have a lot of  experience with destination trips also.

While I was there besides some flytying materials I picked up a Cliff Bugger Beast Jr box The Beast's  I love the Finsport fly wallets for a lot of flies such as deceivers and clouser minnows...basically anything I don't mind storing flat.  There is a lot of other stuff like deerhair patterns, hollow flies, crabs, gurglers, etc. that just don't store well in the wallet.  Plano molded boxes can work well for this stuff and is what I've used in the past but the flies tend to move around and get tangled up when stored this way.  I'm looking forward to filling this box up.  I almost got the big beast but I wanted something small enough that I could take wade fishing but still hold the larger patterns I fish.

I did go out and do a little fishing with my boys Sunday morning.  The weather was pretty nasty though with it being in the 40's with a strong wind.  We went and worked the cove with various tackle where I caught the crappies last week but didn't catch anything.  We didn't stay that long since being in a little boat with a couple of kids on a lake with whitecaps forming in the cold wasn't all that fun.

Sunday is looking good this week.  A friend of mine, John, and I plan on putting in a good day of pike and bass fishing.

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