Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Little natives

On the way home from some family stuff Saturday Yudi asked if we could stop by one of our favorite little ponds to try and catch a few little native brookies.  Between gusts of wind fish were rising all over the pond.  At this particular pond the fish seem to be rising almost all the time.  There wasn't any obvious hatch of insects so I tried a small parachute.  I got a couple of strikes but the fish didn't seem too interested in it.  There were a few midges around so I gave a tiny midge dry a try without much luck either.  I went to a softhackle with a little more success and finally what really worked was a natural hare's ear nymph slowly fished subsurface.  They aren't big but they sure are pretty.  Yudi and I worked on her casting for a bit.  Any casting on the pond doesn't necessarily put the fish down but moves them away from shore so she didn't have much luck hooking any fish on her own.  After a while I would make a long cast and let her retrieve the fly and she hooked up a few.

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