Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday fishing

Got the little boat out close to home this Sunday to enjoy some of the nice weather.  Since when is it 80+ degrees out the beginning of May?  The goal was to find some spawning crappies or smallmouths but I found neither.  I must have fished about ten different coves and the main lake shoreline casting to all the visible structure and never saw a crappie.  I worked some of the other good looking spots for smallmouth but only managed to catch a couple off of some random trees laying in the water.  I was quite impressed with how the firetiger streamer swam though.  One of the smallmouth I caught struck on the first 2 casts and I finally hooked him on about the sixth cast when he completely engulfed the fly that time.  I definitely need to tie up some more of these flies especially for stripers.  I have a few ideas for color combinations.  The catching wasn't so great but it gave me an opportunity to try out some of my new flies.

I caught this cute little pickerel also.  I wonder what will happen to these little guys as pike continue to spread in the local waters.  They don't grow very big but they provide some good action still and they are actually a native fish!  We don't have many of those around anymore.

I spent some time following this tank around.  He wasn't too concerned with me.  I saw one other almost as big later on in the day.

Hard to believe I'm resorting to posting pics of pickerel and turtles.  I either need to get out after some pike or the stripers better show up soon.

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