Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bunker flies

I've been told that the flies I have been tying for muskies aren't big enough. So I dug through my striper fly boxes and pulled out some of my old bunker and grocery flies. I don't have as many opportunities to fish these flies anymore for stripers so maybe they will be better put to another use.


  1. Your flies do look like what those big guys dine on.

    That header photo is awesome. When you look at the way that fish lies there, his body says muscle and stamina. Beautiful fish.

  2. That was a very fine specimen for sure. I felt a little guilty laying her on the seaweed for a pic but was alone at the time and wanted a pic. I tried to do it as quickly as possible and she took right off so hopefully all is well.

  3. Hey Jeff. Greetings from Northern California. Came across your site from The Mad Blogger. I'm strictly a trout fisherman, but dabble in Shad during the summer. I always like to see flies others tie. I can see you are an accomplished tyer. I'll be following along in the future.