Monday, March 14, 2011

Deep water flies

I sat down to tie some flies to be used for pike and bass in deeper water. Last spring when there was strong wind the shallow water got very murky from the wave action. The bite for pike really turned off under those conditions so we felt like we were forced to fish deeper water. Maybe there was some other presentation we could have tried under those conditions in the shallow water but we couldn't come up with anything that worked for us.

I tied these flies up to fish deeper in these conditions, around submerged weed edges later in the summer and rocky points and shoals for bass. They will also hopefully fish a little deeper where there is current in some of our larger rivers.

Initially I wanted to tie a whistler but started layering saddles, marabou, bucktail and flash up the hook shank similar to a lot of the other flies I've been tying lately.  I finished off the fly with a grizzly hackle over a few extra wraps of lead behind some lead eyes.  Unweighted this style of fly really swims so it should be interesting to see what kind of action they have with the weight up front and the jig hook.


  1. if your having trouble in dirty water try using flies with rattles works for me along with big bucktail flies , love the blog keep up the good work

  2. when you say deep water how deep are you saying? Just wondering. Great ties

  3. Dave sounds like good things to try. I've had good luck when there is consistently dirty water but we usually have very clear water so when it dirties up the fish just seem to shut off.

    Dustin these flies would more appropriately be called "not shallow water" flies. They aren't meant to be fished at extreme depths. I was thinking more in the 10-20' range in still water and getting down below the surface in current.

  4. very sweet ties, I'm sure those dogs will hunt.