Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Square head poppers

These square headed poppers have intrigued me so I tied a few up in different sizes for largemouth to pike to musky.  I'm looking forward to see what kind of pop and disturbance they make.  I used similar flies last year with deerhair heads that caught fish but didn't stay above the surface for long especially with an intermediate line.  I'm thinking these will float high even with an intermediate.  Shouldn't be long until I can give them a try if we ever get some warm weather.  Need to tie a few up for stripers too although the green one has a mackerel feel to it and should do the trick.

Last year John http://coop-fly.blogspot.com/ caught a few pike with me on a twin tailed yellow deer hair popper so I tied one with the yellow foam head as well.

 Directions and more info on tying these flies can be found on the Zero 2 Hero blog.


  1. great pattern, where did you get the heads of how did you make them?

  2. Directions are in the link at the bottom of the post. I got some blocks of foam from the local flyshop for a couple of bucks and cut them using a scraping blade.

  3. wow I must have missed that, thanks!

  4. Hi Jeff.
    Nice flies!The square head sounds interesting,It will move a lot of water and propably jump from side to side while retreving the line.
    Think you have to tie more of them.Pikes will go crazy for those flies and tear them apart :).

  5. wicked poppers Jeff,real noise makers! will be interesting to see how they fish.